Outdoor Practice
What should I wear?

Weather conditions can be unpredictable, so what you wear is important. Temperatures can range from 25° F to 100° F and it could be sunny, windy, overcast, raining, snowing, or all of the above.  Form fitting clothing is essential as loose clothing will catch in the seat tracks and the oar handles will get caught. For a more comfortable row, pack a bag so that you are prepared for anything! Extra clothing and a towel….rowing is a water sport; you might get wet! 

Water (Plastic bottle)
Hat or visor
Flip flops or dock shoes
Form fitting clothing: spandex pants and shirt.

For Colder Weather
Layered clothing is key to a more comfortable row
Beanie cap
Long sleeve shirt
Long spandex/ tech shirts/rowing vest/rowing jacket
Extra socks